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Customer Service

Here at CellPhoneParts.Com we pride ourselves on our customer service and the quality parts.  Everyone on our team has a strong background in repair so we know exactly what to look for in a quality part and can help you troubleshoot any issue you may encounter.  If you have any questions feel free to contact us using the “Live Chat” option in the lower right side or give us a call at 1-800-495-6904.


Our warranty extends 90 days from the delivery date of your order. Our warranty covers items that have manufacturer defects prior to installation.  All of our items that are valued $100 are individually tested prior to shipping and items that are valued under $100 are tested in batches when they are received by us.   If we wouldn’t use it in our stores, we won’t sell it to you! 


CellPhoneParts.com is based in Louisville, Kentucky which is located in the Eastern Standard Time Zone (EST).  We offer same day shipping on all orders placed before 5pm EST.   Please visit our “Shipping Policy” page to see how you can qualify for FREE overnight shipping!


Do it yourself kits

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Visit our blog for all the latest repair news.  We cover everything from updates to major carriers, popular manufacturer devices to details on quality of items or changes in the marketplace.  Our blog is the first place to stop to make sure you get accurate information straight from the source!

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Want that extra margin boost after you do a repair? Pair that repair with a nice case, screen protector, or extra charger to take on the go!  We are partners with some of the top accessory companies around the world.  If you can't find what you're looking for, let us know and we will be happy to do what we can to get them asap.

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Sell Your LCDs

Refurbishing or selling your LCD's can not only increase your businesses margins but also helps save the environment!  We offer two options for your broken LCD's  The first option is to just simply sell your broken LCD's to us for cash.  The second option is to send your LCD's in to us and we will refurbish them back to new and send them back to you after payment is remitted.  Regardless of which option you choose you will have to select the proper form and follow ALL instructions below.

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Looking for that perfect tool for a repair?  Whether you are a first timer fixing your daughter's iPod or an all out guru with electronics, look no further!  We've got you covered.  We carry everything from your basic screwdrivers to the latest and greatest from gTool.  Just like with anything else, if there's a tool you want that we don't carry, let us know and we'll see what we can do about getting it!

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