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Are your parts original?

There are several designations of our parts. Some are complete original, some use original parts but mated by a third party, some have some copy items, and some are refurbished.  All of our parts will clearly state if they are original or not. For our parts to be designated as original they must contain all original parts mated by the original factory that produces them.  They are not the b grade “rejects” of the originals.  They are not used.  These parts are expensive.  Understand that we don’t make any more money on the original items that we do on the other grades.  We can not control the market and pricing on these items.  When it comes to quality parts, it truly is “You get what you pay for.”

What other grade screens do you offer?

There can be several grades designated to these quality items that can vary widely in our industry.  No two companies grade designations will match one another.  This paired with the dishonesty in the industry overall can make it very difficult for you to know exactly the quality of the item you are buying.  For example.  When we buy iPhone 6 LCD’s, not only can we get them from any number of suppliers (we only buy from a select few who we have gained and immense amount of trust with) and each supplier has, AAA, AA, A, B, refurbished, and “used” for each designation of Original, OEM, Copy, and Refurbished.  ALL of the screens we buy will be clearly stated what quality they are, and we only buy AAA versions of those screens.  So yes, our copy screens are likely better than the cheaper copy screens of other companies.  We invite you to thoroughly inspect and compare our models to our competitors.

Are your screens tested?

It would be impossible for us to test every single item before they are shipped out.  We do have over 50 tester phones in our inventory designated only to testing products, however.  Every single item that is valued at $100 or more is tested before we ship them out.  They will get a date and an initial on the outside of the package to sow the item has been tested.  Items under $100 are tested in batches of a random 10% of every shipment we get in.  This gives us a pretty good idea if there are any major issues which would require the entire batch to be tested.

Should I test the screens when we receive them?

YES!!!! We highly suggest testing screens before you install them on phones.  Although rare, items can be damaged in shipping and it will allow a hassle free return if a defective item is caught prior to installation.  It will also help you and your technicians better identify any issues that occur during installation if you know the item tested good prior to installation.

What is your warranty on your parts?

The warranty on our parts is 90 days from the delivery date.  There are cases in which a warranty can be extended.  This extended warranty is offered at our sole discretion.  Our warranty covers items that are defective prior to installation or items that become defective after they are installed.  Our warranty does not cover items that have any physical damage, whether seen or unseen.  It is in your best interest as a business or individual to test each part before you fully install it.  Please enforce your warranty at your repair shops as well.  If a customer comes back 2 months later with a screen that has many lines down the lcd on a phone that has clearly been abused, understand and explain to them that damage is caused by abuse of the item and is NOT a manufacturer defect. For more information about our warranty and our return policies, please visit RETURN POLICY.

Where do you get your parts from?

All of our parts, and every other companies parts all over the world come from China.  Your phone was originally manufactured in China.  The quality of our items depends on where and whom they originate from in China.  We take several trips a year to Shenzhen, and Guangzhou, China to meet with our suppliers, review and issues we may have, and inspect the quality of new items.  Some batteries come from Korea.  Our refurbished screens are refurbished in house in the USA.

What qualifications does your company have to sell these parts?

All of our sales, QC, refurbishing, and management employees are promoted from within.  We have several retail repair stores that have been in business for over six years.  Our employees start as technicians who eventually manage these locations and then move up into a position for our online business.  Having employees her who are familiar with repairs can go a long way.  We are able to help businesses diagnose issues, identify discrepancies and patterns, as well as understand many of the issues you encounter as a repair company.

Do you sell tools or accessories?

Of course!  Check out our tools and accessory sections to see all the items we offer.  If there is anything that you carry in your store that you would like to see us carry in the way of tools or cases, please drop us a line on the contact page and we will see what we can do!