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Return Policy

The warranty on our parts is 90 days from the delivery date.  There are cases in which a warranty can be extended.  This extended warranty is offered at our sole discretion.  Our warranty covers items that are defective prior to installation or items that become defective after they are installed.  Our warranty does not cover items that have any physical damage, whether seen or unseen.  It is in your best interest as a business or individual to test each part before you fully install it.  Please enforce your warranty at your repair shops as well.  If a customer comes back 2 months later with a screen that has many lines down the lcd on a phone that has clearly been abused, understand and explain to them that damage is caused by abuse of the item and is NOT a manufacturer defect.

Most of the items that we receive back are damaged during installation.  Usually the damage is on the back side of the LCD and can be hard to spot.  With any item that we receive back that is damaged we will give you a full detailed report on the damage of that item and do our best to explain what caused the damage so it can be avoided by you or your technicians in the future.  We believe that honesty paired with proper education can save us all a lot of money in the long run.

All of our items that are over $100 are individually tested prior to shipping.  Items that are under $100 are tested in batches when they are received by us.  An item will not pass our quality control unless it is perfect.  With that being said, items can slip past us for one reason or another and that is why we have a warranty.

To return an item please fill out our RMA from located HERE.

Please print out the form and include the form in your package.  Pack all returns well and pick a method of shipping with tracking.  Please keep your receipt so you can reference your tracking number.  Please send returns to: RETURNS

501 Baxter Ave, Suite 3

Louisville, KY  40204

Once we receive a return package we will email you an initial report letting you know we received your package and the quantity of the contents within one business day.  Within 3 business days you will get a secondary email with the test reports of your items.  Based on your selection on your RMA form you will receive either credit on the website or a refund.

Please test all items to the best of your ability before returning them.  This will both help with determining any items that may be damaged or also items that may be fine but just had a connection issue at the time of installation.

Items that are returned with no issues may be subject to a 10% restocking fee. This covers our original shipping cost of the item, PayPal and/or credit card processing fees we may have incurred, as well as the handling time to go through the returns, test, repackage, and restock the items.

If you have any questions regarding a warranty or return please email us at