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Sell Your LCDs

Refurbishing or selling your LCD’s can not only increase your businesses margins but also helps save the environment!  We offer two options for your broken LCD’s  The first option is to just simply sell your broken LCD’s to us for cash.  The second option is to send your LCD’s in to us and we will refurbish them back to new and send them back to you after payment is remitted.  Regardless of which option you choose you will have to select the proper form and follow ALL instructions below.






Prices change every Monday morning and good until the following Monday morning.  Items MUST be received within 7 days of when the form was initially submitted to lock in your pricing.  If the items are received after 7 days the value will be counted at the current rate.

When you fill the form out online it will automatically email us a copy.  You must also PRINT the form and include it in your package or we will have no idea who the package is from.  This is very important as to not cause any delays.

After we receive your form we will email you the required prepaid shipping labels. These labels will be in the form of USPS boxes that are either medium or large flat rate parcels. These boxes can be picked up, FOR FREE, from any USPS location. We allocated around 80 screens for a medium flat rate box and 120 for a Large flat rate. If you need extra labels, please let us know and we will be happy to send them to you.

When you pack the items up PLEASE remember that items can be damaged in shipping. It is in your best interest to pack the items as good as possible. We recommend packing each item in its own bubble wrap. Make sure packages are packed tight and if possible, point the flex towards the interior of the box to reduce possible damage to them. If there is any extra space in the box make sure to fill the void with bubble wrap. Write FRAGILE GLASS all over the box.

Once we receive your package we will send you an email stating how many screens were received to how many you stated were in the package. Sometimes there are discrepancies either by mistake, or copy screens were mistaken as original. This is your initial report.


At this point in time if you chose to sell the LCD’s to us we will issue you a 30% initial payment.

We will then proceed to test the screens. This process length entirely depends on how many LCD’s you sent in.  Allow at least three business days for us to get back to you with a report.  For larger shipments this time may be extended.

For a screen to pass our inspection it must: Have a working LCD without any lines, dead pixels, hazing, or discoloration. If it has one of these it may pass as B grade, which will be counted under the copy section regardless if the screen is original. Some cases if the line is too bad we will not accept the item at all. We keep all the not accepted items and are happy to return them to you.  We believe in 100% honesty through this process. Our prices may not be the best but you can rely that you will get paid for every proper screen you send in.

Our screens are tested in a dark room with white, blue, yellow, red, and green, and black backgrounds.  This helps us see any distortion that might only be visible under certain situations. We also look for any sort of water damage which will indicate we will have to change the backlight before resell. The touch is tested all over via the assistive touch to ensure all parts of the touch screen are functioning properly.  We are strict in our testing as all companies are because we must be honest with them when we sell them.  An A grade screen will sell for less than a b grade screen with the slightest color distortion in the LCD.

IN REGARDS TO THE NEW CHINESE BRAND LCD’S. At this time we are not excepting them for sale or refurbishing.  The LCD and digitizer on them are actually two separate pieces and they are not able to be refurbished.  We will keep working with sources in China and if we find a trustworthy buyer overseas we will then be purchasing them simply to resell.  It is also worth noting that we will NEVER sell a refurbished LCD that has the base of one of these copy Chinese LCD’s.

If you have a large order (over 200 screens) and you would like for us to video our testing please let us know and we would be happy to do so for you.

After our testing is completed we will email you a final report of how many screens passed our test and issue remaining payment at this time. If you chose to have the screens refurbished this will be your initial test report.


The amount of time it takes to refurbish your screens will depend on the amount you sent in.  As a basic rule, expect a 7 day turnaround time per 100 screens. If it is a very large order we will give you a custom time quote at this time as well as expedite the process for you by allocating more technicians to your order.

It is important to understand the refurbishing process is risky by design. While other companies may charge you for every screen attempted, you will only be charged for screens that are successfully refurbished from us. Please understand that there may be up to a 10% damage during this process. This is pretty standard no matter where you get your screens refurbished from. It is also why some other companies will also take around 10% off the top during their testing report, to cover these risks. WE DO NOT DO THIS.

We do not replace backlights on the screens that you send us for refurbishing unless they are damaged.  We do not bill you for screen that require an additional backlight as this is built in to our fee’s.  Generally around 10% of the screens we receive for refurbishing will require a new backlight.


Simply put.  The absolute best.  There are tons of places online to buy refurbishing materials.  We took a trip to China in November to test over 15 companies products and only buy the best to resell as well as refurbish.

Glass: OEM Glass.  While not full original, the glass we use on ALL of our refurbished screens, whether an original or copy LCD, meet OEM specifications.  FoxConn does NOT sell original glass.  They are unobtainable.  Anyone that says they refurbish with original glass is not being honest.  While our glass does have the blue/green ring, this is also something that can easily be duplicated with an inferior screen. Original screens will have a complete blue ring. Here is how we measure our screens:  We use a micrometer to test the length, width and thickness of the outer glass, inner transparent glass and home button hole.  These must be within +/-.05mm of original to pass our tests.  We then performed a drop test where we dropped a metal ball from certain specified heights directly on the glass to make sure they were equally as impact resistant.  They are gorilla glass.  After that, we use an opacity meter to make sure the transparency of the glass is within +/- .1% of original.

OCA: Oca is the glue that is between the LCD and the glass.  We carry the best OCA on the market, Mitsubishi.  Inferior OCA can reduce transparency, separate over time, or give a yellowish tint to the LCD.

FRAME:  We only use 100% original frames.  That means your screen holes will be on point and the brackets will be countersunk. Our frames are not too thick resulting in a poor feeling on the edge of the glass.  The glue on our frames is also spectacular. We have yet to have any issues of our screens coming apart from the glass on our refurbished units.

POLARIZERS: This is a sheet between the LCD and OCA that allows the display to be visible to us.  We only use 100% original polarizers.  Inferior polarizers can give a weird tint to the lcd.

SMALL PARTS:  All of our refurbished screens have the camera bracket and proxy bracket installed. They also have screen protectors applied on the outer glass once the screen is finished.

After the refurbishing of your items has been completed, we will email you a report of your final refurbish report and request payment. Payment can be made via Credit Card, Paypal, or wire transfer. We will give you shipping options to return your screens. This amount will be added to the final bill.  Screens must be paid for within 30 days of completion or they will become property of

If you have any questions regarding this process, please feel free to email us at or give us a call at (502) 341-5922